Real estate photography : a job

Magazine N°4

Why appeal today to image professionals?
Beyond some obvious reasons, analysis of a requirement often misunderstood.

The image.
First visual contact, the image is the strength of current marketing.

What would be the future of our advertisers if a world without color did not exist ….
At Cibiscus, this idea is expressed with all its weight by the intervention of professionals: photographer, directors, graphic designers …. Why? Because the professional know-how goes beyond personal competence and that often the result obtained goes beyond all expectations.

Light is first and foremost the essential criterion in an acquisition. The brightness of a room, its orientation and its view, often make the hearts of the purchasers beat. Only high-performance devices deliver explicit contrasts between exteriors and interiors. The photographer, craftsman of the light knows to give to see the existent: it brings in the light of his photo the essence of the well-being felt.

Work made difficult in the living room of this property in the south of France that Victor Perez, photographer Cibiscus, manages to magnify. In spite of an unusually heavy sky, it preserves a luminous and objective picture, which preserves the contrasts between inside and outside.

Ferriot (18)

Then, the framing comes to bring a fundamental precision: the arrangement of the pieces. It suggests a plan of places, pure architecture and organization of places. Where we personally stop to see a room, the photographer goes from his wise eye to see the same room but also the corridor that escapes, the back door that leads to the bathroom where the row and perspective between living room and dining room.

Cyril Lallement, also requested by Cibiscus, applies this architectural vision of space in this Parisian mansion in the 4th arrondissement. From reception lounge, the eye escapes to the games room and kitchen.

Then, the preliminary staging, the storyboard in some way comes to end impose the work of the photographer as the only competent in the development of a good. What are we talking about here? Decluttering when required, or re-arranging when possible.

The basic idea is to allow the customer to project immediately, and to feel at home already, preserving the singularity of the place.

Finally, after the light, the framing and the story-board of the photo, it remains a major element which is essential today as an unstoppable tool: the story-telling.

This is about telling a story that speaks to the heart of the viewer. Thus, the photographer will prefer a kitchen in full boiling to a room too static, a child’s room with toys on the ground, rather than a piece tidy to perfection, an outdoor table set up, rather than a garden furniture isolated.

It is an indestructible link that is created between the human and the inanimate and lays the foundation for successful development.

The site visit confirms this first impression and gives the opportunity to focus on other details.

This is the main reason why a successful shooting and often the pledge of a promising sale and a justified development.

The carousel above, illustrates the great work of Cibiscus employees and pays homage to them in the tireless work they defend: to make a place shine without denaturing its essence.

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